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Knobs - Bram Nevejans
Audiovisual Art


I'm trying to design 3D graphic art.
My main personal objectives are 3D motion graphics and abstract stills.
I love cartoony animations, characters and designing decor elements.
For commercial projects i have a wide variety of  styles, suitable to the client needs.
Contact me for any 3D / 2D  based graphic design.



 I create soundesign and compose music.
My main personal objectives are based on alternative experimental electronic music.
For commerical work i listen to the needs of the client. 
I have a degree in soundengineering, 
focusing on live band mixing and 10 years of studio experience.
Contact me for any audio based work. 

About me

" I love audiovisual art. 
It's what i do the most of my time.
Trough the years i learned myself techniques to design and create my worlds of fantasy.
I love cartoony characters, animating them and tell stories. 
Combined with the creation of sound and music, i can forfill all my audiovisual dreams. "

My Name is Bram Nevejans.
I am a mid twenty year old boy from Ghent, Belgium.
SoundDesign and MotionGraphics are my things. 

Blablabla ... Losing time, need to be creative !


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